Tanveer Naseer

Tanveer Naseer


Whether in IT or education, leaders who can inspire and motivate their staff, help them to succeed and thrive.  Learn from Keynote Speaker, Tanveer Naseer, on how to tap into the collective talents and experiences of those you lead to have greater impact in your departments and schools.

Tanveer believes in good leadership in education and is very active within his own local school board. He is an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed leadership writer and keynote speaker. He understands the nature of interactions within organizations and helps break down and improve complex processes which hold teams back.

So get ready for deep insights and the opportunity to implement ideas that can help you thrive! Learn about current challenges that leaders contend with in today’s fast-paced global environment and how to come out on top.  Check out more on Tanveer Naseer here.

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