Cloud-based UDL Success with Read&Write for Google

Cloud-based UDL Success with Read&Write for Google

Calgary Catholic School District’s 55,000 students have been successfully using Google Apps For Education (GAFE)

for over 3 years. While there are many learning advantages in this cloud-based environment, supporting students

who struggle due to learning disabilities, language barriers, and other challenges called for a simplistic cloud-based

UDL program.

Calgary Catholic adopted Read&Write for Google as an inclusive learning technology to assist these struggling

students as well as provide productivity tools to proficient learners in the Google ecosystem. The program offers

simplistic, easily-discoverable tools inside of Google Docs, webpages, PDFs, and Kurzweil (kes) files through the

Chrome web browser on PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks, and new supports for iPads and Android were recently

launched into the program as well.

While the program offers students reading, writing, research, and study support in school and at home, it also benefits

GAFE administrators on the back-end by offering a number of popular research-based educational tools in one

easily-deployed extension via the Google management tool.

Attendees will learn about the division’s processes with the program from pilot and evaluation to decision and

implementation, as well as what the future plans are for curriculum integration. A basic overview of the program’s

tools, platforms, and licensing options will also be provided.