Transforming the Learning Landscape


Note: As we continue to develop the program, it may change. We will continue to keep a current version available at all times.
Day 1
03 Nov 2015
7:30 - 10:30


Keynote Presentation #1

Leslie Fisher, one of our Keynote Speakers, specializes in presenting emerging and exciting technology solutions to educators all over the world. She has worked in school districts providing web development services and presently runs her own company, Fisher Technologies Incorporated, providing informative educational presentations for K-20. Leslie hated school and didn’t realize how much she liked learning until she was older and able to learn in new and engaging ways through technology. Now she shares her knowledge world-wide, with her enthusiasm and sense of humour easily endearing her to her audiences. From college music major to certifiable techy geek, Leslie always likes to leave her audience with something that is usable in their everyday lives. You can look forward to learning from Leslie, and also walking away with a useful tool to help make your life just a little bit easier! Find out more about Leslie Fisher here.
Leslie Fisher
Presented By: Leslie Fisher
10:15 - 10:30

Coffee Break + Vendor Fair

OwnCloud–your own cloud solution

Is your district in search of a solution for FOIPA compliant cloud storage? Would you also like to find easier ways for your learners and teachers to share and collaborate? What if the solution was web based, mobile friendly, multiplatform friendly? All this and customizable, affordable and all in-house managed. Come to a fast-paced, information packed and fun-filled hour with Glen and Lisa and learn what ownCloud can do for you.
Lisa Read
Presented By: Glen Posey, Lisa Read

SMART Boards – Critical Thinking & Student Leadership

In this workshop you'll learn how to incorporate critical thinking into your lessons and units. You will see several quick to build page formats that can be used in different subject areas and with different grade levels. We will also look at how the SMART Board can be used for student presentations - everything from the classic research report to current events to book reports to "That's So Cool!" video presentations. This workshop is most appropriate for grades 4-9.
Presented By: Laurie Cassie

Culturally Responsive Aboriginal Resources

The Aboriginal Education Department and the District Learning Commons in School District 57 Prince George are on a journey that began with the inquiry question: “How do we get more educators using culturally responsive Aboriginal resources within their classrooms?” This session will explore the process of developing a collection of learning resources to support the blending of indigenous knowledge into our daily learning through the building of participation and partnerships to support systemic change. The collaborative work in SD57 is founded on the understanding that ” blending Indigenous knowledge into the curricula involves three processes: respecting the diversity of Indigenous knowledge s protocols, preparations, and purposes; understanding the multi-levels of preparation and purpose in transmitting Indigenous knowledge; and developing constitutional and ethical responsibilities for those researching Indigenous knowledge.” (Battiste, Marie Ann. Decolonizing Education: Nourishing the Learning Spirit. Saskatoon: Purisch, 2013. 169. Print.)
Leona Prince
Monica Berra
Presented By: Leona Prince, Monica Berra

The new www: The Wonderful World of Wearables

Wearables is where digital meets analog in the maker world. Explore the possibilities when learners connect art, computer science, and engineering (STEAM) by constructing real world products. Connect ideas, scaffold skills, & build functional & personalized wearable technology! Take home project ideas to do with your students.
Orwell Kowalyshyn
Lisa Domeier

Rosetta Stone for French Immersion and Core French

ERAC has given Rosetta Stone Foundation Silver the endorsement for French Immersion and Core French; the program was found to be engaging at multiple levels, excellent resource for the classroom and use in the blended learning approach. Foundations Silver comes with three components; course-ware, world, and games as well as printable materials that follow the lessons for use in the classroom.

Lunch / Vendor Fair

BC Digital Classroom Collection – Beyond Databases

ERAC’s Updated BC Digital Classroom is a core collection of digital resources that most districts have licensed. The collection has been updated to provide resources that are truly K – 12 in nature. Come learn an overview of the tools included and examples of how they can be integrated into meaningful opportunities to access and learn from the rich resources available in the BCDC.

Kevin Amboe
Presented By: Kevin Amboe

Transitioning to a Centralized Hardware Technology Program: The Victoria Experience

The greater Victoria School District (SD61) recently implemented the Evergreen Technology Program (ETP), which transferred the management of computer hardware inventories from school administration to the school board. The decision to move from a decentralized computer hardware management model to a centralized one was to ensure: 1) that all schools had computers that were “fit for purpose”, 2) that hardware standards were met by all schools regardless of PAC and other monetary or funding implications, and 3) that hardware inventories were equitable in quality across the District. The main purpose of the program is to supply, monitor and maintain the computer inventory for all schools. This presentation will describe the conditions leading up to the decision to create the program, challenges around implementing it, what we achieved in the first year, and services we plan to implement in the future.

Ted Pennell
Presented By: Ted Pennell, Raymund Folk

Cloud-based UDL Success with Read&Write for Google

Calgary Catholic School District’s 55,000 students have been successfully using Google Apps For Education (GAFE)

for over 3 years. While there are many learning advantages in this cloud-based environment, supporting students

who struggle due to learning disabilities, language barriers, and other challenges called for a simplistic cloud-based

UDL program.

Calgary Catholic adopted Read&Write for Google as an inclusive learning technology to assist these struggling

students as well as provide productivity tools to proficient learners in the Google ecosystem. The program offers

simplistic, easily-discoverable tools inside of Google Docs, webpages, PDFs, and Kurzweil (kes) files through the

Chrome web browser on PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks, and new supports for iPads and Android were recently

launched into the program as well.

While the program offers students reading, writing, research, and study support in school and at home, it also benefits

GAFE administrators on the back-end by offering a number of popular research-based educational tools in one

easily-deployed extension via the Google management tool.

Attendees will learn about the division’s processes with the program from pilot and evaluation to decision and

implementation, as well as what the future plans are for curriculum integration. A basic overview of the program’s

tools, platforms, and licensing options will also be provided.

Presented By: Paul Brown, Bernie Varem

DR Planning – Starting to think about Disaster Recovery for IT systems

Disasters can occur in a variety of ways and at any time. As something that comes up during audits, we have all heard terms like “Disaster Recovery” and been asked what our “DR Plan” is.

However, the word “Disaster” can mean different things to different people. To some it means services such as email and payroll will never go down for more than a few minutes. To others it means that if your webserver dies, it will only take 3-4 days to rebuild the server and restore the most recent working backups.

And even if everyone in your organization agrees on a definition of DR, most people have different ideas about which systems and services are important. Everyone wants to get paid and email is important, but what about environmental controls and security systems such as alarms and key fob access? Can any of the application level services even work without the underlying infrastructure?

Planning for Disaster Recovery is a huge undertaking and requires a solid foundation to work from. This presentation will offer some of the early lessons we learned at SD61, as well as provide room for discussion in the Q&A session. We hope to help provide a starting point for school districts beginning their own DR planning journey!

Evan Garland
Presented By: Paul Landry, Evan Garland

Professional Learning – How do we share the wealth of knowledge and build capacity?

The format will be similar to an Ed Camp or World Cafe where there is only a 5 minute introduction presentation that focuses talking / networking time around this topic. The group is in charge of the session; however, questions that might be at the discussion tables could be: How are we being successful in getting new involvement with learning tools? What hurdles have been most important to overcome? If I had a day with teachers – The learning goal would be... If I had a day with administrators – The learning goal would be... What sparks people to make it work regardless of the barriers in their way? Looking back – what could we have done better to build capacity? We will end the session with a quick sharing of nuggets from the session.
Kevin Amboe
Presented By: Kevin Amboe

Why Social?

You have a wealth of stories within your classrooms in varying shapes and sizes. Successes. Learning moments. Trials and tribulations. Sharing your daily lives socially can benefit, even define, your school. What are the best ways to tell your stories? Why do you want to share them socially? What are the implications of social sharing in the K12 classrooms? What social platforms should be used? How much time should be invested? This presentation will examine the role of storytelling through social media and aim to answer the larger questions within this ever changing and complex social world.
Presented By: Andrea Williamson

Skype in the classroom, Skype for the district

Skype continues to transform personal communication and has become an invaluable tool in many classrooms.  Skype for Business (former Lync) and similar Unified Communications technologies have the potential to significantly improve on traditional telephony and communication in school districts.  Many organizations in the province are already taking advantage of these technologies, which are covered in the ERAC licensing agreement. Join them at this MESH session, facilitated by a Skype expert from Microsoft, to discuss the transformative influence of Skype in the classroom and Skype for Business for district communication.
Presented By: Karen McGregor

The Secret Language of the Intrawebs

Integrating technology into the regular classroom has challenges beyond purchasing and installation. In school district 79 we are moving our practice towards embedding technology seamlessly into every area where this makes sense. Sometimes, it's the Making Sense that is the challenge. I like to consider digital resources as tools based on some kind of code. Come along on a journey through human history of communicating through secret languages and codes. From hieroglyphs to l33t, see new ways to connect past technology to present.
Lisa Read
Presented By: Lisa Read

Fall in Love with Forms!

Google Forms are magical tools for teachers! Create quick surveys, quizzes, and even “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories! Data submitted by participants is efficiently collected into a Google Spreadsheet where you can use marvelous scripts and formatting tools to easily work with and assess responses! This session will explore some innovative ways to use forms in a variety of educational settings. If you want to find one Google tool to fall in love with, Forms is it!
Tracy Poelzer
Presented By: Tracy Poelzer

Bringing online applications into the classroom in a privacy respective manner

Have you considered using online applications in the classroom but have wondered how you can do it in a many that respects the privacy rights of students in BC? This workshop is for educators that want to better understand the privacy rights of students in BC when using, or considering using, online educational applications as part of classroom learning.

We will discuss the legislative requirements for protecting personal information under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and how those requirements may inform how teachers ask students to engage with online applications. We will touch on topics such as local storage, voluntary and informed consent, first and third party personal information, the kinds of assignments that lend themselves to the use of online applications, and training. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions about BC’s privacy laws and to develop your own approach to privacy and online educational applications.

Presented By: Oline Twiss

Google Apps and Office 365 integration

Many districts are trying to decide between Google and Microsoft for their cloud service provider. Using Azure Active Directory you can have them both, but only have one mail system, one sync client and one password to manage.
Matt Williams

Supporting & Enriching a SharePoint Environment in Education

Over the past decade many Districts throughout the Province have moved to implementing a SharePoint environment for a variety of reasons. The intent of this Round Table Discussion is to begin a conversation among Districts who have either rolled out a SharePoint environment, or who are looking at moving to one. Topics for discussion will include, but are not limited to, supporting users, augmenting internal and external sites, enhancing internal business practices, and obtaining educational goals through the use of a SharePoint environment. The implementation of a provincial SharePoint community will also be part of the conversation.
Presented By: Matthew Hull
17:30 - 18:30

Social & Vendor Fair

Day 2
04 Nov 2015
7:30 - 9:30


7:30 - 8:15

Breakfast / Vendor Fair

Keynote Presentation #2

Whether in IT or education, leaders who can inspire and motivate their staff, help them to succeed and thrive.  Learn from Keynote Speaker, Tanveer Naseer, on how to tap into the collective talents and experiences of those you lead to have greater impact in your departments and schools. Tanveer believes in good leadership in education and is very active within his own local school board. He is an award-winning and internationally-acclaimed leadership writer and keynote speaker. He understands the nature of interactions within organizations and helps break down and improve complex processes which hold teams back. So get ready for deep insights and the opportunity to implement ideas that can help you thrive! Learn about current challenges that leaders contend with in today’s fast-paced global environment and how to come out on top.  Check out more on Tanveer Naseer here.
Tanveer Naseer
Presented By: Tanveer Naseer

Nurturing Global Citizenship – A progression to Anytime / Anywhere learning

The format will be similar to an Ed Camp or World Cafe where there is only a 5 minute introduction presentation that focuses talking / networking time around this topic. The group is in charge of the session; however, questions that might be at the discussion tables could be: What plans for release of control of learning to students do we have? How are students safety and privacy managed? To what degree are we nurturing global citizenship? As a parent, how do I know my child is a digital citizen? What are the defining characteristics that separate a learner from a global citizen? Near the end, we will share nuggets or take-aways from the discussion.
Kevin Amboe
Presented By: Kevin Amboe

Meaningful Mentoring

This session is designed for department, school or district leaders looking for ways to improve communications around educational technology. How do you get buy-in, whether it's a top-down implementation or a grass-roots movement? Considering the limitations--financial, user comfort, maintenance and updating-- integrating technology is more challenging than just making it so. Bring your challenges and questions, this session will include an overview of solutions we have employed in our district, and time to share with each other solutions to a challenge we all share.
Lisa Read
Presented By: Lisa Read

Let’s Talk About Scrum!

Come MESH with your colleagues to explore the Scrum method of developing software and managing projects. Not an expert? Not a problem!  The goal of MESH sessions is to gather together like-minded individuals to explore and share what you do know about topics of mutual interest.  Join us to discuss how the Scrum framework and methodology changes the way teams work together.
Brian Kuhn
Presented By: Brian Kuhn

Identity – what is it and why is it important?

A round table discussion on Identity. What it does for your teachers and students. How are School Districts managing Identity today? The future of Identity and how to best prepare your environment for it? What happens when Identity management goes wrong.
Matt Williams
Presented By: Matt Williams
11:00 - 11:30

Coffee Break / Vendor Fair

Bringing online applications to your school district in a privacy respective manner

Do you do technical work for a school district? Have you wondered what the requirements are under BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) when it comes to using online applications in BC schools? This workshop will walk through the prescribed requirements under BC’s public sector privacy law for accessing or storing information outside of Canada. We will discuss local storage versus storage outside of Canada, voluntary consent, the legislative requirements for what must be in a consent form from students who consent to the storage or access to their personal information outside of Canada, who must consent under BC law, and how first and third party personal information can be addressed. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions about BC’s privacy laws and to determine how your district can bring online educational applications into your school in a privacy respective manner.
Presented By: Oline Twiss

EBSCO Magazines for Your Class

Gordon Powell explains how the EBSCO magazine database can be used effectively in the K-12 environment. While best known for accessing academic journals, EBSCO has a number of magazines that provide timely, reading level appropriate texts for your classroom. Browse a list of useful titles, explore easy ways to search the content, and hear how you might use this resource with your students.
Gordon Powell
Presented By: Gordon Powell

MakerEd: Makerspace in the learning commons, and why it is working!

This 60 minutes workshop will give you a short background to the Makerspace movement in Heritage Christian Blended commons over the last year. Teacher librarian Pippa Davies and Makerspace librarian Jessie Davis will show you the practical and theoretical implications of getting going with a Makerspace in a small traditional campus library and a larger distance learning student population. They will also display some of their MakerEd in current use.
Presented By: Jessie Davis, Pippa Davies

ERAC licensed myBlueprint – Findings from SD45

Come explore a live demonstration, share lesson plans and activities as well as best practices employed by teachers and counsellors using myBlueprint in SD45 West Vancouver, one of the first districts to take notice of the now widely implemented program in British Columbia. Scott will share his district’s experiences with the program with respect to the implementation, student engagement, parent communication, curriculum connections, exit surveys and general feedback/takeaways from students and staff across the district. Join this session to learn how to use the ERAC licensed B.C. edition of myBlueprint Education Planner to engage your students, while meeting many of the curriculum learning outcomes in your district. Now implemented in districts across the province, myBlueprint B.C. Edition is an interactive resource that is "user friendly, practical and used effectively by my students. It covers almost every aspect of Planning 10 and Grad Transitions."  We will also discuss the new ERAC subscription and what it means for your district, as well as the impact of data integration with myEdBC and the impact it has on a student’s decision making process in terms of course selection.

Minecraft: Digging into a World of Creativity

Looking for a fun and interactive way to get students hooked? Minecraft has taken over schools, and we need to embrace this amazing opportunity for learning! In this hands-on workshop, you will take home ideas and lessons that incorporate Minecraft into various parts of the curriculum, using digital media, as well as crafts and projects. There will also be information provided to run a successful after school program with ideas for large-scale events. Let's have fun learning about creepers, zombies, and how to mine for a 'diamond' of ideas!
Jessica Bonin
Presented By: Jessica Bonin
12:30 - 13:15

Lunch / Vendor Fair

SCCM Configuration Items & Baselines: A Swiss Army Knife for the Enterprise

Many IT departments have implemented SCCM 2012 and are using some of its more popular features. Remote control, application deployment, OS deployment, and inventory are all commonly used to some extent. But there is another element of SCCM that offers the ability to quickly check, report on, and remediate just about any kind of setting you can imagine on a workstation or server. This is the Configuration Items & Baselines feature, and it has the potential to empower IT departments in new and exciting ways.
Andrew Staehling
Presented By: Andrew Staehling

From Tweeters to Team: Our Coding Journey

This presentation is focused on how our team went from a group of like-minded tweeters in our district to a team focused on creating a maker education curriculum around coding for use within our district. Our journey also included the use of Google Docs and other online apps to collaborate and run the curriculum in two parallel schools, reflecting and sharing with each other the results of our lessons.
Presented By: Joseph Jeffery

BC Digital Classroom Collection – Students as Creators and Makers

ERAC’s Updated BC Digital Classroom is a core collection of digital resources that most districts have licensed. This session is a follow up although participation in the first session is not required. Taking the next steps, this session focusing on using the BC DC as a safe, secure, reliable source for information and artifacts with students as creators and makers.
Kevin Amboe
Presented By: Kevin Amboe

Apple VPP, DEP and MDM – Helping you manage your iOS Devices

Apple’s iOS 9 is having an impact in School Districts across Canada. How will it impact YOUR District? Join Russ Reid from SD #42 and Apple, as they discuss and demonstrate the new tools that are now available for deploying and supporting iPads in the classroom. This session will cover Volume Purchase Program (VPP), Device Enrolment Program (DEP), and Mobile Device Management (MDM).
Presented By: Bill Bajwa, Russ Reid

Bringing your Classroom online with the use of SharePoint Learning Spaces

As teachers look towards online classroom management tools, many Districts already have the capacity within their current environments to do this. Scholantis SharePoint Learning Spaces allows for teachers to deliver online classes and assignments that can are enriched with embedded videos, online document editing, blogs, online forms, and resource links. Using these tools students are able to modify and submit their assignments online from a district or personal device. These learning spaces provide opportunities for student collaboration, asynchronous communication between student and teacher, while providing a medium to meet the demands of new core competencies and curricular domains found within BC’s new curriculum. This presentation will walk through some of the core uses of the class sites, as well as show some examples from BC Schools where these changes are already happening.  
16:00 - 16:30

Wrap-Up & Grand Prize Draw

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